Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pluto Square Valentine

God you better
get over yourself
get ahold of yourself
I know your true
potential but no one
likes to be lorded
over as one must
be to know you
and to become
you the one
gene in everything
in every individual
being in the

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fresh Valentine

The fresh beckons to
the formulaic the fine
boasts a finish of
I’d say woody notes
if I was a hermit-
thrush how could
Amy Beach be
less appreciated
I’d ask if I was
the evocative kind
if I knew how
to kiss you sunlight
mountain spring
of my life
your hand
in my pants

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Silliman's Valentine

Even if the poem says
everything in the world
and knows the name of
everything in the world
which even an animal
after all can do
it’s not enough
not to have made
something out of
all that knowing
of the world
a question asked
some expression
of comfort or concern
an exasperated sigh

Monday, June 25, 2012

Irreversible Valentine

I love you
but that’s
no excuse
the words
that came
just before
working our
way backwards
to the one
you were
promising so
much more
you were
touching but
not so brave
I jumped
on it I was
so young
and fragile

Missed Valentine

I really didn’t want
to miss a day
early on I
could see a day
would be missed
here and there
understandable and
yet incomprehensible
to me what day
could be missed
omitted from memory
not mine but the
great memory
that misses us all

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot Text Mess Valentine

Is personal texting what
the new writing is all about
now there are no trees
not archived nor deleted
not permanent ourselves
but we can experience
permanence from time
to time in spurts like semen
or roses expiring in the sun
you have to pull it tight
so it shuts behind you
or else the whole damn desert
comes dust-deviling in the door

Red-Headed Valentine

Last night in a dream
I slept with a red-headed beauty
I was amazed but happy
someone so lovable
was loving me again
with joy and pleasure
as old as I am but how
many scraps from our bodies
pieces of flesh torn away
will we have to leave behind
to be able to wake up
on the other side
without fear or shame
in the very bodies after all
that taught us how to love?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Morning Valentine

The first thing I do
every morning is
eliminate any evidence
of yesterday of course
there are leftovers
grandfathered in but
the rest are executed
buried in the old graveyard
of memory next door
to where it reinvents
itself we call today
that come not just
the walking dead
but some new lust
I pray instead

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Unintentional Valentine

Misspoken misdemeanor
misconstrued misbegotten one
come here to me
let me be like
your new language
the sudden mystery of
malformed sounds
evolving on their own
into the delicate
relations in things
whose words make mouths
to speak them
for their pleasure

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spanish Valentine

Someone left some music for me
I had never heard before such
Spanish songs on a CD
I just happened to find
on my shelf searching
for something else where
perhaps they knew I would
come across it at the right
intersection of longing and corizon
of a whole people a whole new
inflection for the direction
of passionate sorrow to take
more new world heartbreak
for the fountain of youth to slake

Returned Valentine

Originally I learned to die
from watching people
dying all around me
this proved unsustainable
keeping them long enough
to retain some significant detail
when you really comprehend
the impermanence of the world
housekeeping becomes irrelevant
to make art or love you die to
come into the world
you die to get out
but only finding someone
to take with you can give
you a reason to return

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lost Valentine

Whose only real life
is the true film he’s making
in the time of films
after the time of books
before the time of no
go-between no mediator
an unavoidable knowing
of oneself and others off
in the discordant future
truth lies like a drowning
son who walks out too far
to rescue him from
rescuing his star fallen
but if you think of this
as sad you’re lost

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Devil's Valentine

It took me half
my life to realize
the devil was only
half my size
the necessary
older brother
in the story
and really a nice
guy to talk to
friendly and witty
with words a natural
and with the body
a lover passionate
and controlling
half my life
my unnecessary cover
and sweet teacher
to finally get
your game

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blood Valentine

A surprise (that a surprise
could still happen) but
the plumeria bloomed
what can I tell you
plum-red as a wound
not the usual
yellow-bellied white
one of us predicted
as in the life of every stem
however vagrant
one day there’s a picture
of the wine-dark mind
where we sail out from ourselves
looking back at the harbor
our house there on the cliff
the wind coming up
the lighthouse of our deaths
casting its wide arc
but now for real
a red you can remember

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sibling Valentine

I hardly make an effort anymore
to be poetic in my poems
or even that intelligent
proprioceptively leaking
it’s the self-consciousness
I find in everything
and everyone around me
that I try to emulate and honor
they seem so sure of themselves
as must I to them when
we’re all so intermingled and
entangled blood and bone
you’d think we’d recognize a sister
or a brother now and then

Visitor's Valentine

When the god Apollo
returned to Venice recently
in the form of a tornado
wearing his yellow star
with its know thyself insignias
no one was waiting either
at the custom’s steps
or under the lion’s mane
though it was still raining
according to the stores
a godless man who loved
the men who loved the gods
a foreigner where the forms
of beauty kept their familiar names
on this island in a bottle
what could be ominous to him
what grim?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Teachers' Valentine

A reversal of the roles
of the world we have
scratched out the word
earth by erasing nature
she was cutting on herself
whispers of an early rape
whose purpose is distraction
out of which you make reason
or you don’t how many
times can you take
high school thinking
as a form of government
or what’s an education for
all these ignorant children
grown up now and beating
on their hapless teachers

Monday, June 11, 2012

Notebook Valentine

A strange death and
uncertain resurrection
as if he had known
it was coming
which he couldn’t have
he had no warning
but he’d lit three candles
on the coffee table
and set a bottle of water
on the table beside him
a few favorite books
strewn on the couch
where he was found sitting
slumped a little forward
as if listening intently
to music or a distant voice
or reaching for his notebook
to write something down

Incense Valentine

What is as pathless as sorrow
as roofless as light –
two leftover lines
from last night

to deal with in the morning
so I imagined commercials
for home thuribles
to bless the whole house

once a month it would
soon catch on with juniper
frankincense and myrrh
to drive away the dragons

praise the spaces
where we eat and dream
the walls that hold us
day and night

praise the corners
where nothing is
the fragrance settling
where the light first comes

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Feelings about My Memories Valentine

Are you crazy or just fricking
(add to dictionary) stupid
my therapist asked me one day
we had reached that depth of
confidence and despair in one
another not in the body
but the soul which had
so identified with refusal
and pride he had been forced
to slap my feelings bitch
so I could find them
and go and look at them
from across the street
their gait more clouds
who pretend to sublime
indifference while being
most intimately involved
with every single thing
above and on the streets
beneath them

Friday, June 8, 2012

Writing the Numbers Valentine

The way 8 is or isn’t
a gifted (belly) dancer
or 6 an abrupt refusal
a complete dismissal
or the way 7 changes
the subject completely
or 5 finally goes there
to the wedding of 10
the divorce in 4
the stroke of 1
the death of 9
leaving us 2
alone with a third
not me not you
no word
no clue

Working Valentine

Hell in the sense
of suffering and not
knowing why
purgatory in the mind
amid the failures of will
heaven in the heart
knowing you’re here
and there on the earth
so we can get on with our work
the mind refusing to
comprehend the heart
and the heart refusing to grow up
to seize its unenviable position
as regent of everything
and king of the sun

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Relative Valentine

One of the things we had to do
after eliminating the monsters
and the giants was drain the swamps
first on the physical level and
then metaphorically to think
was still relatively novel starting
out as a pure flood an amazing
flowering and reaching forward
into its sources until we personally
got involved from one nation
to one family to every individual
thinking has come down
like an old armoire or mysterious
cabinet or medicine chest
we carry everywhere with us
but refuse to open or even
remember it’s there

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Desert Valentine

I too grew those lavish gardens
of the northeast and west
their peonies and Oriental poppies
wet springs and dry summers
under a spruce tree cathedral
laid floors of spreading ajuga
now I get to use ajuga in a poem
now I get to grow the invisible
desert rose with its single thorn
get to water it with my blood
one drop a day get to carry
its rainbow body through mirage
after mirage the morning we call
earth the evening we call air
and only maybe someday see it bloom

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mountain Valentine

If you make it past seventy
as tragically most don't
that far up the mountain
you start to notice things
there all along but tragically
so many don't look
up and out over the vast fields
and wooded rivers below
you lose your bearings
a little on the thin air
the omniscient light
the dying warmth
finally seeing there is nothing
and has only been nothing
everywhere you look
all this time nothing
but spirit was and is

Monday, June 4, 2012

Forgotten Valentine

The thing I went to get
at the store I forgot
though I did get several other
useful items and remember
now an aching sense I was
forgetting something walking
the aisles of frozen goods
but couldn’t think of what
until I got back here it’s
a picture of my life
what did I come to get
with such urgency and yes
a certain amount of joy
and then along the way forget
and have to go back for with regret? 

Ten Dollar Valentine

For ten dollars
I could get ten red roses
or a dime bag
or two extreme coffees
with change for a cheap tip
or half a movie or the used book
it was dismantled from
to be read alone sipping
a plain Americano please
at Big Mac’s or the San Remo
of my memory half-
convinced as you were
the cure for doubt
wasn’t faith but thought 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dangerous Valentine

If the greatest danger
was not to be found
beside the greatest pleasure
why would we go there
what would it prove
not to watch the deer’s eyes
as the lion devours him
like a radio gets switched off
at a certain point
desire has done with him
eventually we must look away
not to be swallowed also
not to let our own insignificance
blind us to the great fortune
of someone’s love 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Legendary Valentine

From a goose wounded
by a falcon fell
three drops of blood
on the snow a red
that spread to a pale
blush on a face
hidden in the heart
of a dull soul
suddenly appearing
in the outside world –
all is lost
to that moment until
a thought is thrown
over the form
of feeling’s hold
so longing and longing
through sorrow and joy
can finally be moved
by reason to love