Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seine Valentine

You could say at one time
there were two green vines
neck-and-neck along a trellis
or you could look and see
two lovers long past thirty
necking on a terrace
or you could look away
and feel that I was
fucking you in Paris
at one time you couldn’t
even say that in a poem
even if we were never
in fucking Paris fucking
or weren’t we ever
weren’t we

1 comment:

William Keckler said...

I love the meta-thinking about the changing nature of what can be thought/said in poetry. And I simply love the poem's elegant capture: sort of reminds me of something out of Bresson. I think there's almost always a vegetal theme that runs through your poetry. Even here in the tracery of the lovers I sense a garden behind it. I love the way the impossible is limned here. I think you have a crush on the impossible. But what great poet doesn't? The possible is so disappointing to poets lol.