Friday, January 30, 2015

Days of 2000 Valentine

Roofless window frames
without glass
the whole fourth
wall missing
never built on a
hillside somewhere
in Baja I remember
your views the drive
to Ravenna was like
your spring look
abandoned projects
in the east
so much space
but in the west
only time

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fiery Valentine

Where there’s smoke
there’s a person
often a person on fire
who has transferred
his burning to another
thing or person
or else it’s lightning
that enkindles the earth
to start again from scratch
and the smoke only follows
what’s too late to save us
often ourselves on fire
think of love as the smoke
of fear burning think
of a person learning 

Wedding at Cana Valentine

I set a trap for God
like the one he set for me
I will catch a God
and set him free
though he won’t do
the same for me
he will drag me
to his lair and
strip me bare
and ravish me
and when he’s
done leave me
to myself again
despairing he
won’t come again

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walking Valentine

Sometimes my angel
takes me for a walk
the rope of reason
is tenuous at best
he thinks I’ll grovel
at his feet because
he feeds me I’ll be
loyal truthful meek
and loving meat
but then he kneels
and nuzzles me
his heart is warm
and sweet my own
flares up and burns
something passes
between us that almost
feels complete

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Unleashed Valentine

Angels exist
simply because
they’re needed
who doesn’t need
one stumbling
along behind
holding the tightest
leash it can
who doesn’t need
indoor training
of the outdoor mind
to feel at times
a god accompanies you
wild thing

Monday, January 26, 2015

Forgotten Valentine

Some things I just have to
walk away from like craters
in the earth no getting over
or around turn and return
not the way I came to find
where I went right instead
of left slowly in my mind
to where it all unraveled
as if it were that simple
I feel the habits of centuries
drag me further into the ditch
I forget for a while when all
is said and said and done
it’s joy in the end that wins

Above’s Valentine

Yes a fat gray cloud
is sitting on the face
of the sun it looks
like a man pleading
with his cat projected
onto the screen of the sky
above some of these trees
who want to be churches
again but when you
got to visit where
the great thing happened
there’s nothing there
anymore but the tomb
of its disappearance
not even a shirt he wore
or a piece of his hair

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Priceless Valentine

To be as small as a Verdin
in this world a bird as tiny
as a mouse with wings the
very trope of insecurity
and fear always glancing
from side to side to stay alive
but to have a beautiful
yellow face and solitary  
habits and to own just
a few notes seldom heard
in the great music of the sky

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Zodiacal Valentine

I hear the sound
I feel the warmth
I see the world
I taste the moon
I smell the earth
I move in movement
I say the word
I balance my body
I sense the truth
I grow and decay
I love someone else
I touch the beginning

Friday, January 23, 2015

Borealis Valentine

I dreamed I drove far north to see
the aurora borealis for myself
to put my hands in the wounds
so to speak and feel some natural
jolt of ECT lifting memory from
my shoulders for a while
and pushing out the sadness
perception accumulates so
I could see the true glory
behind the world dancing
with itself but I got lost
in one of those bars in one
of those snow-bound northern
towns and woke still sober
here in my desert home

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spun Valentine

Like an expert tailor measuring
poking and pinning as if
for a whole new suit of clothes
all day the wind molested
the house testing and probing
imagine that is the holy ghost
accosting your soul rattling
your cage of flesh with fingers
of wind spun round the world
how many times only to place
at your door a swept silence
a few leaves and empty envelope
addressed to someone who
doesn’t live here anymore

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Terrified Valentine

I like to sit outside
my house at night
and wonder who
lives there I mean
I try to look straight in
through the windows
at myself without
being terrified
for as long as
Christ is with me
it’s not that I
don’t love myself
it’s just I love
you more

Gifts for the Dead Valentine

Dear Joe Dear Ben
I’m sending you symbolic
Hawaiian shirts
to wear in heaven
on the hot plains
and hats and scarves
for the draughty hallways
of the winter passage
those subterranean mountains
can be fiery but cold
and the zephyr of the soul
stops at midnight steaming
in the middle of nowhere
for who knows how long
no cure but to endure

Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Garden Valentine

If I show you my naked garden
will you show me yours
it’s not all about the flowers
you know but the integrity
of the movement of a form
how it rose furrowed
and then lay back down
meanwhile it embraces you
and would take you with it
into a life of pure and
impure passion if you let it
yes do it I say at the end
of every summer but always
it turns and looks at me
as if looks could kill

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ideal Valentine

Out of all the people
I really wanted to fuck
or I really wanted to fuck me
there was you
the one the least
likely to detect
my retreat as reason
to follow actually
sex is not
that complicated
to begin with
but what else
would we do
with these bodies
and their stubborn
ideas about love

Changing Valentine

They say change is in the air
but then everybody knows that
he’s always lurking around
some rainbow that isn’t even
a rainbow putting on some pose
singing some soft number
but when will the real change
show up not the ruse or the lure
the pimp or the altered state
every night I hurl my body
up onto the shore of the bed
with the final waves
from the shipwreck
castaway again

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Original Valentine

I think the four seasons
are like the petroglyphs
left by an ancient star people
or the imprint and the after-effect
of the breathing of a great
interplanetary being
the intimate embrace
of warmth and light
across the universal circle
and every year the little grape
of the earth with the sweetness
that gathers on its surface in the fall
is lifted to the mouth of that god
and chewed and swallowed
and the seed spat out again
into the waiting sod that got
this whole thing started

Friday, January 16, 2015

Paradisal Valentine

The first half
of the life of the earth
as in the individual
life of its creatures
was a long slow process
of densification
and accumulation
which now in our time
as in the middle
of a dark woods
turns and goes
the other way
toward purer and
purer etherization
and everything
begins the long
slow unraveling
return to light
I can’t wait

Chinese Valentine

Not so much crumbled
as having had a great fall
I ate the broken fortunes
of my cookie pieces:
a wacky invention
will lead to your success
a tacky connection
will lead to your excess
a flaky inflection
will lead to your distress
a cakey confection
will lead you to confess
an inner conflagration
will lead you to undress