Thursday, August 21, 2014

Meanwhile Valentine

Our thoughts never stop
we just stop listening
letting them go on without us
for a while we sink so
gratefully into a nothingness
a silent blankness
not even a dream drops in
not so much trusting the world
to carry us through
as just not caring for a while
barely able to bear it
this unbearable earth
we weave out of sleep
into a new birth

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Returning Valentine

I call her Evening’s Wing
more a flower’s street name
than a small bird’s return
every twilight to the same
thick vines not to settle in
for the night but to flit
and leap around inside
that cage of sun-emblazoned leaves
is there some last snack to be had
hopping from stem to stem it seems
more dance-like than functional
and then it flies off after a few
minutes of this but why always
at the same time each day
as if turning off the light
as if responsible for night

Direct Valentine

Punctuation is white
a little too polite for me
a certain ceremony
attends his way
of placing his timing
on the table so to say
living dying dead
don’t get tripped
between the words
into stumbling along
for dramatic effect
how you speak
to the mirror
is how God speaks
to you the only
God you got

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

‘Forever is Deciduous’ Valentine

The birthdays and
letting go of leaves
we felt something
plant-like descending
on us which strangely
we were rising to meet
what did happen
a little above the earth
but then faded away
another rainbow bridge
people crossing both ways
a few you recognize
but cannot stop to greet
not even old selves those eyes 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hastening Valentine

Right under the nose of destiny
I walked by I saw what a corpse
it could shape out of grieving debris
into a feast of steaming knowledge
like intelligent colors sweeping
over a secret beach
we lay there on the sand
right under the throat of destiny
the old guttural phlegm-filled sea
the grandma of our reverie
once a bright young thing
who knew what we were in for
with her children as our parents
and hastened to prepare us

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Natural Valentine

It’s true death still can’t be killed
though it can be neutered/neutralized
I almost said naturalized
as if a legal resident of life
though never a true born citizen
for that tiny dot we call an ego
reflects the place of our birth
stamped with a use-by date
on the envelope with the instructions
for assembly and systems integration
which we either lose along the way
or can barely read the hieroglyphics
the old gods insist on using
when writing out their songs

Friday, August 15, 2014

This Earth's Valentine

Yes our feelings fluctuate
and will change if we wait
but there can be fluctuations
even in hell ups and downs
within the overall landscape
of afflictions the interrupted
frissons of fear or shame
the Scylla and Charybdis
of our time to overcome
if the soul is not to perish
from this earth
we sail through
the only Ithaca
to come back to

Assumption Valentine

Anachronistic as an arrow
a valentine is less like a bullet
more bulletin or amuse bouche
or the few minutes in an elevator
standing as close as necessary
or alone in an embrace finally
ascending into a first kiss
a valentine is what you hope
you never have to receive
if it means you have to let
go of it your frayed heart
wrenched out of your body
flying around the room
free as love at last

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Religious Valentine

In the evolution of our feeble
understanding of the Christ Buddha
Yahweh Tao we can see written
large as braille humanity’s
morally imaginative growth
and inner development perhaps
Satan cancer fascism as well
so now all forward movement
is deeper and deeper
into a spiritual world as a
practical matter if we are
to resolve our issues
with physical reality
overcome fear and shame
and be home for breakfast
with our eternal friends

Constant Valentine

Undeniable inevitability
of certain themes
the activity of certain
forces and combinations
and one by one the pomegranates
are hollowed out by the finches
those sopranos like a man
holding two severed heads
by the hair and smiling
at us down the quiet
hallways of history
whispering I’m back
when actually that impulse
has never left us even in dreams
or in movies that suck

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lavender Is a Color Only Found In Flowers Valentine

Several large
shrubs fill
my summer
yard this
year I keep
their strange names
but the hummingbirds
don’t neglect them
and everywhere
the latest armadas
of their seedlings
sail out into the
grass more lavender
than naval
but if I let them loose
I think they could
empurple the earth
in time

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Objective Valentine (for Robin Williams)

I always wanted to get back
to sinning and winning
to getting away with
murder we called it
back to the necessary
narcissism of my youth
but my heart just
isn’t into it anymore
there’s always something
about life like someone’s
playing a joke on you
a very elaborate and very
convincing piece
of theatre you are
the last to laugh at

Monday, August 11, 2014

Roofer's Valentine

If Christ be whole and Christ
then how long will it take
for the darkness not
to comprehend it
so we can get on
with perfecting perfection
with breathing the summer air
more deeply into our childhood lungs
Ariel did not love her master
nor did Caliban fear him enough
but that was another stage or summer
and today God is an older Mexican man
standing on the roof next door
early in the morning
calling down to me
standing here in my underwear
on my own weedy patch of earth
asking me permission to get to work

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Arthurian Valentine

The first songs were always of war
and still they’re sung
but then came the Grail
which couldn’t be won
by fighting but waiting
faithfully and gradually
it would appear to reveal
itself no metaphor but a real
emerald to which a dove descends
placing a small white host upon it
despite our wonderful words
we’ve had to return to pictures
that no longer speak to us
to find the outlines the forms
of something new that will

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Unanswerable Valentine

Often questions assume answers
but maybe some answers
don’t want to be taken for granted
just because they’re getting old
and have trouble walking far
or maybe some questions
just want to refuse every answer
now and then cast one vote
for mystery no closure no epiphany
just to go on stubbornly being
a question inconsolably insoluble
as a two year old taking
on the world refusing everything
until you tell her why 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Perfect Valentine

A private walled space
snug as a head or a heart
where I can walk and sit
thinking on my ass or feet
safe from the noise and sun
except for the sirens and children
where I have known some plants
better than some persons
where I have planted accidie
and scorn and watched
new colors being born
one eternal morn
and went on breathing
went on wanting more

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Blinked Valentine

The statue blinked once
but you missed it
the laws of thinking
allow only one
since this is a statue
of thought itself
actually just a head
with wings on its sides
and a face absorbed
by the thought behind it
which it carries
solemnly the way
a lover his heart
lays at your feet

A Taste of Two Jacks Valentine

Spirits bend low
over their heads
to insert lines of
thought we inhale
are these your thoughts
or theirs how can we
best identify the latest
lie you say wait
five minutes and if
the opposite is true
then you know you’ve
done it right for once
that at least love
humbled you with
its sweetness
and took your life