Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Boy’s Valentine

A couple dozen oranges still
Hang high in the lifeless tree
All the birds have gone into the sky
A stiff wind blew them away
Even the cat has deserted me
A boy on Lake Ontario’s shores I
Used to sit on cold windy days
Like these thinking up lines
And writing them down fast
Before my fingers froze
Years later little’s changed here I sit
In a cold wind scratching away
A scribe all my life I know
Still trying to say the way
The branch scrapes the window
The sun sweeps into the bay


erin said...

this calls to mind the last four lines of the poem by Derek Mahon, "The Mayo Tao,"

I have been working for years/on a four-line poem/about the life of a leaf;/I think it might come out right this winter.

Peter said...

Thanks, Erin. Yes, I see what you mean, but I don't know Mahon's work. Is he a Canadian?

erin said...

Irish. and i'm afraid this is the only poem i've known of his yet. how foolish! i'll go looking for more myself now!