Friday, March 1, 2013

Bill's Valentine

Love is not right or noble
which gives itself away
to what can’t hold a candle
up against today
what’s finest is often costliest
though we can come
by dedicated means
to love destruction as our own
so love can only be enthroned
by what it loves
always easily first
interested in finding
then becoming
what it loves

1 comment:

William Keckler said...

Peter, I am touched. I had thought based on some of my bargaining in my recent posts that someone might just say "Slave!" But you said it more like..."Slave? No!!" But I think it's too late for me, too far down the slope with regard to that. I hope it's not a Sisyphean one. If I end up at the bottom, I'd rather just stay there. I'm tired of rolling things uphill. It is a wily poem.