Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wittgenstein's Valentine

Who or what do the words serve
is the hidden question of language
in the sense that words are like money
which in his case he gave away
every cent of a huge evil fortune
and in the loneliness of his life
lived like a philosopher
a life against philosophy
constantly in search of a reason
to stay alive since there had
to be one or what’s the subtext
the intensity of young Werther
risen now to the brain
a traveler of light alone
a meditant of pain

1 comment:

William Keckler said...

He was so strange. A modern stoic. I like this poem. He could be cruel to others--for example, telling students not to pursue their studies when they loved doing so. I think some stoics think if they're crueler to themselves than they are to others, that somehow makes it okay. The way some parents are.