Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Equinoctial Valentine

Maybe in our time on earth
We will force ourselves to admit
To settle it once and for all
The universal fact
The eternal recurring rumor
That no one of us can survive
Here alone no one of us
Can completely take care of himself
We are all everywhere dependent now
On everyone else everything else
In every conceivable way
A government true to this time
Can only be the understanding
Of the implications of this fact


erin said...

somehow (and it's not that hard to figure out how, i.e. see the structure of the market, but i wonder if any other course with mankind is possible) we have inverted value. and truth. fear being a prime motivator, as though fear might ever be extinguished with an iron fist and a girdled market.

it can only be dispersed softly with hands and lips, light and a light wind...

Peter said...

Fear is a cognitive failure
Expressing as hate in the heart
and doubt about anything working...